Saturday, February 12, 2005


Hey, today it is slushing. Yes.. I said slushing. It's not raining, and it's not snowing. It's dumb.. you can't even go out and play in it!
Anyways, we also went out to New York Burrito and Quizno's today. Sooo good! Have I told you about Hobo Spiders? They are evil and they run at you and try to attack you! There was one in our kitchen last semester and it RAN at us full speed to kill us! We caught it and froze it to death over night.. ah hahaha..

This is that ugly killer now.. in it's frozen state!

Well that is all for today because I have nothing else to say except for I hate slush and New York Burrito is super good. BYE PEOPLE!
WAIT! I forgot to tell you! Mikael (another room mate, from New Mexico) let me drive her truck today! It was freaking awesome! It's a Chevy Colorado! an ORANGE one! heck yes it's awesome!