Friday, February 18, 2005

Blood... blood, and more blood

Thats right! BLOOD! I got my blood tests done AGAIN today, and I HATE it.. every single month I have to get my blood drawn for more TESTS what the crap! I hate this, anyway.. last month the lady bruised my arm so bad i thought i was going to die, and the needle stinged like heck again this time so hopefully i dont get a bruise. Anyway.. I watched about 3 episodes of Family Guy while waiting for class in the Nordic Landing. When I got home, Mckizz had already gone home to blessed Wyoming and left me here all by myself! And then Mikael went to go visit her parents that are in Salt Lake this weekend! So its just me, Emily, and Patty. Then i found out some disturbing facts about a friend of mine, and things went down hill from there.. at least I had my buds Talon and Layne to talk to. I talked to Tara too but that was before. Anyway.. my day was pretty boring except for .. well the stuff i did. So I'm in a pretty bad mood tonight.. really bad actually.