Saturday, February 19, 2005

Let it snow

It's been snowing ALL DAY LONG! And it's not supposed to stop until Tuesday! Hurray! The only BAD thing about its, we couldn't go on our adventure to find treasure today, if we would have, we would have died from the freezing coldness outside in the canyon. So instead, we decided to go over to the Theater department and sneek into a stage or something and play with the props and make a photo comic. It was hilariously fun.
All in all, today was a good relaxing and fun day! Thats all I have to say because, im tired. GOODBYE!


Tara Shireen said...

Well well well..Maybe the philosopher and I could..What?! PLATO?! Look man..Unless your name is short for Plato-Orlando or Orlando-Plato, it's just not gonna work out between you and me.
Sorry to crush your hopes and dreams,

P.S. I want snow! Wait! No, I don't! I want fun in the sun! We got more bounce in California! Woohoo!

Flidias the Ninja said...'re nuts...

Talon said...

ok fine

Anonymous said...