Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Single Awareness Day!

Hello all you crazy lunatics. Poor McKenzie (room mate) was awoken this morning SEVERAL times around 6am by my VERY loud alarm clock... She didn't have to be up, but as I always say.. Early to bed, early to rise! Poor McKizzle. So I got up around 6:45.. after my alarm clock was going off.. of course i kept hitting snooze about 6 times. Ah haha.. Anyways. I didn't go to church yesterday because.. well.. I slept in. Yeah, I am inactive now.. NOT! I went to my Spanish class.. ugh. It was insanely DUMB. I already knew what the days of the week are called in Spanish, yeesh! And I got a C on my last test, that pissed me off even further. But then I went to religion and life was good again, the Book of Mormon always cheers me up. After that I decided I'd watch the news on a big nice sofa, but these guys were watching CNN.. I HATE CNN! So I left in a huff. Choir was okay.. except for we have to sing this 50 page song! I thought my face was going to fall off my body when I was walking home, it was freezing and the wind decided to blow RIGHT at me! My ears.. couldn't feel them at ALL. At least my hair still looks ok!.. haha. Yesterday we watched Pagemaster, Pinnocio (which has a tremendous amout of cigar smoking in it, btw), and man I forgot what else. If i remember.. I wont tell you because, well.. it doesnt matter. Billowing smoke filled our WHOLE ENTIRE town today.. well, not really. I just decided to throw that in there.. for.. well nothing. But there WAS a massive white thing of smoke stuff coming from this one building and it smelt HORRIBLE, and sounded like a million busses running into a building at once, constantly! Well thats it for today.. As napoleon would say --- Okay, Bye!



Flidias the Ninja said...

"Ice?! as in igloos and penguins and ICE!?" "Where are you going?" "To take a hot bath, all this talk about ice is making me cold." It's a whoppin' 75 degrees here today! WOO HOO Viva la Louisiana!