Saturday, February 26, 2005

My name is Emily from Sequim, Washington!

Thats right, I went to a party last night with my room mate Patty! .. a Washington party, and apparently you had to be from washington. My other room mate Emily is from Washington (Sequim) So I decided to pretend to be her... I actually had alot of fun, and met alot of cool (hot) guys! .. but they all think my name is Emily.. and thats not good. Oh well! Anyways, we also ran out of toilet paper a few nights ago, so Patty and I stole some from the Lounge bathroom... but dont worry, we still have our temple recommends! I finally got my package from Tara with a bunch of my stuff! I'm excited! -Peace out!


Tara Shireen said...

Lacey, this is the Federal Bureau of Foreign Investigastions. We're here on behalf of the state of Washington. We've been getting complaints about a girl matching your description who has been falsely identifying herself as Emily. Now Lacey, we take identity theft very seriously here in these parts. Now fortunately for you, we have been unable to bring you down to the station. But as soon as we get that warrent, there is NO place you can hide!!!
Kind Regards,
The men in ties aka MITs
Motto: "We put our filthy MITs INTO business."

P.S. Pay no attention to the TaraShireen signature, it's not really there. You're merely imagining it.