Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The dumbest day Ever!

Today was the dumbest day EVER because.. well.. it was DUMB! First off, in Spanish class, this dumb kid named Ryan (Who is stalking my roomie Mikael) was being plain dumb. That just got on my nerves straight off, and that was only at 8am! Math was ok, except for it was a waste of pencil, because I already knew how to do these certain types of problems, but they took up the whole frickin' page to do em! So I was FORCED to sit there and use up one perfectly good page and use up most of my pencil lead to do these problems.. and then I had to do that for homework.. like 10 pages! it was dumb. Anyway, I had a test in Art class today.. I've seen enough naked man statues for the week, yup. Greek art has never really been my thing.. never will be I suppose. Then I walked home in the blistering cold wind.. did I mention BLISTERING?! My ears felt like they were BURNING off! BURNING! I swear, if I dont get some ear muffs I'll just die.. of course I probably wont get that because I spent like 57 dollars on FOOD yesterday, but most of it can be saved for like a YEAR so ill be set for a long time. But still! Yeesh, the cost you pay for healthy food, i should go back to the good stuff. Oh yeah AND Playboy has been sending practically EVERYONE in the school little dealies in the mail with half naked women on them, even the women! Yeesh.. they are dumb, the must not have heard this was a Mormon school or something, but everyone is outraged. Well I guess I better go before I end up yelling about a few things I am pissed at right now too.... and then those people would READ this and be offended and think I hate them.. which I do, but that's beside the point. Bye!