Friday, February 11, 2005

First Blog Day

Well I decided it was high time I started keeping a journal, and EVERYONE knows I can type faster than I talk.. so I figured this would be a heck of a lot easier to do than write it out in a page. I honestly don't mind if you pry into my life, because I have nothing to hide. I go to BYU- Idaho.. only the coolest university on the face of the planet. I'm a Freshmen.. yeah yeah, start laughing. I have the best roomates ever, and we had an awesome Mardi Gras party last Wednsday. There were about 2 guys to every girl. Now thats what I call a party. I've been meeting alot of people lately and its probably because im crazy and meet people by yelling out the car window at them or prank calling them on the phone. I'm taking fairly easy classes this semester, except I'm having a hard time with my Spanish class.. I'm still getting a B in it, so it's alright. I have to get up at 6 am every morning because my first class is at 8, and yes, I am one of those girls who takes forever to get ready in the morning, but trust me. I'm not all prepy.. just.. me. I've been keeping a documentary of my life on my tape recorder, its freakin awesome, and my room mates think im insane. I talk to my best friend Tara, almost every day. Except now she has a butt load of homework all the time. Poor tara wara! Layne is another best friend of mine, she's been subbing at my old highschool, and all the little kiddies look up to her now. Last Tuesday I went to a play with my room mate, Patty. It was Fiddler on the Roof. I've never been to a live play before, and let me tell you, it was -rad-. Yeah I know that word is old fashioned and out of style... but i feel like saying it so.. shut up! Oh and if you didn't come to my Mardi Gras party! I'm going to kill you! ah hahaha.. well, maybe not, but thats beside the subject! I had a test in Spanish today.. uck, I hate spanish. AND the teacher doesnt know it very well.. dumb coach. ah haha. Well cya later!


impressaodigital said...

i liked very much to read what you write.
i'm at the university,but in PORTUGALm so sorry for my english, even if i don't have an excuse for that because since my ten year's old that i have english!
i'm studing to be a journalist,maybe someday i'll interview you about your life of freshmen! by the way i'm not longer a freshmen, i was it 3 years ago

Jamie said...

OKay--our international friend over there sounds like a new lacey fan! Welcome to the blogoshere, laceymegan! I will avidly read your antics and relive my BYU years! Did you know I went there one semester? I lived at 124 College Avenue. Mo'L8R, grrrrrl.

Tara Shireen said...

Laaacey! It's me! Tara Wara!! Your blog rocks! It rocks so much so that I here-to-for (is that one word? ...I'll just leave the dashes in there because it looks better): have decided to create a blog of my own! Heck yeah! Check it out @ and no, this is not an advertisement like "Hey wanna see my webcam?" So anyhow, thanks for mentioning me, Lacey! Cause you know..We rock like that! Agent Z. rocks and for those of you who don't know who Agent Z. is well, all I can say will...oh believe me, you will.

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