Sunday, January 23, 2011

We miss you Grandma Sherry

This week Chris, the kids, & I went down to California this week for my grandma's funeral. My grandmother, Sherry Walker, passed away last Saturday and her funeral was Thursday. It was a beautiful service and she was an amazing woman. She will be missed but I am so glad she finally is able to be with my grandpa, she has longed for this moment since he passed away 3 years ago. It was my family's first time visiting California so we made sure to take them to the beach and Disneyland! (also had some in-n-out burger & FRESH seafood <3) Here are some pictures (just the ones I have, my dad has more from the funeral and all that, i will have to post those later.)

Ebin got to fight Darth Vader during Jedi Training!!!!!!

Rhiannon got to meet TINKERBELL :)

Until next time! <3


Mikael Webb said...

Your children are adorable! I am sorry to hear about your Grandma. Mine has been sick as well and it so hard to face the loss of that generation we love so much.
I am so glad I am able to keep track of you through your blog! LOVE YOU!