Saturday, January 23, 2010

Snow Days!

Well, we were planning on going to Billings, Montana today so I could try on some more wedding dresses at David's Bridal (I already have one dress that I really want!!! But I need to try more on to make sure I pick the BEST ONE!), Chris could try on some suits and vests, and we could do a few more wedding errands but a crazy snow storm hit yesterday and it has been snowing on and off since!! So, alas... we could not make the surely treacherous journey to Billings. That's what is bad about living in a small town like Powell.... resources are very limited and we are far away from anywhere who has them! It was okay though because the shoes for me and the bridesmaids came in the mail today! SO EXCITED!!!! The color is so perfect it is crazy... Here is a picture from the website.. I didn't think about taking one of the actual ones.

Love it!!! Nothing else very eventful happened today, the kids are with their mom this weekend so it's been kind of quiet. I miss them when they are gone every other weekend :(
I also need to get my new sewing machine I got for Christmas and start hemming not one, but ALL, of Chris' pants.... He is about my height... so it is hard to find pants that aren't too long and as a consequence they are all frayed at the bottom... something must be done!!! I have very little sewing experience other than young women's and fixing quick rips or buttons! So if anyone has any advise for me it would be much appreciated!!!!! I also want to start learning how to make clothes!


Ms. L-S said...

I've got nothing for problem is the opposite. I can never find pants long enough.