Monday, September 29, 2008


It sure has been a while since I posted anything! Sorry!!! (My excuse is i forgot my password... got a new one :) ... haha) Anyway, Don't worry about my room mate she is fine now :) Alot of things have happened over the summer that I kind of wish didnt happen but hopefully I can start fresh again this fall. Nothing too much has changed, still work at the hospital. Same house. We got a futon swing that folds into a bed... its dang cool. Of course I set it up all by myself. I have a friend who is going on his mission in two days... and before he left powell to go home to colorado he gave me his car. A 69 VW.... yessss! It just wont run haha... so yesterday Brad came over and took a look at it for me and he thinks it needs new spark plugs... shouldnt be too bad i hope! So i guess sometime when he has time him, me, and steve are gonna fix it! They better let me help too because I want to learn! Saturday night I was going to go to Billings to go to a club with some friends... it sounded like SO MUCH FUN!!!... but I got as far as garland and got a phone call ... those losers backed out!! oh well... JENNY my marvelous room mate has left me for a whole week to go down to Provo. Her little brother Mark is going into the MTC.... headed for Jamaica! He is really excited but scared too. He was set apart yesterday. We have a new Bishop at church too.... We still have Brother Bennett as the 1st councilor so its not a total loss :P lol jk... of course ! Tonight at FHE we are playing the sign game.... FUNNNNN. I watched the Exorcism of Emily Rose the other night.... SCARY! I couldnt sleep... I had to take some tylonol PM to go to sleep! LOL and prayed I didnt wake up at exactly 3am like everyone in the movie did. Well i'm gonna get to goin now... I will post soon I promise :) LOVE LACEY


Happy Gilmores said...

Have fun this week. You can come over if you get lonely.