Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Woah woah woah woah WOAH! DUDE! I didn't even know I had this anymore. GeeHEEZ! (As Kip would say). I'm a sophmore in college now, which is insane, because I still remember being in 3rd grade and making fun of that one Josh kid because he liked me and it was gross. Anyway. That was way off topic, but I don't care. I am now living in this weird house with the coolest room mates alive. I share a room with my very good friend Kimberly. I live with Emily, McKizz, Mikael, and Patty still too! I have these 2 new room mates that are insane as well... Cori and Genny. I think they both need professional attention... immediately. ASAP!!!!!! Anyway. I really miss my family. They moved to Texas, so they don't live in Livingston, MT. Anymore.. *tear* I really miss my brother though! We used to do alot of stuff together, and I feel like im missing out on everything that's going on with him. I have a whole wall dedicated to pictures of my family and post cards that my dad give me. He sends me alot of them.. guess he misses me or something haha. Let's see.. I have alot of new pictures of myself .. and of everyone else. Maybe I'll just periodically put them up.

I went to Puyallup, Washington a few weeks ago to visit my best friend Tara. I'll tell you a little story. I got some pretty sweet hilbilly teeth while we were shopping. I put them on while we were driving in the car, and these really hot guys jamming out to their rap music or whatever pulled up next to us. And their music was REALLY loud so i looked at them, with the teeth still on. And they both jumped in FEAR FOR THEIR LIVES! But they laughed and kept dancing or whatever.. so I started to dance with them, dancin like a thug or something.. it was great. I guess they thought it was hot, because one yelled "DANG (edited) GIRL, YOU FINE!" Then sped off! Man it was great.. here is a picture after it happend.. I couldn't let the moment pass without a picture.

Okay... well I'm really tired, so I'll leave all my other new stories for next time! Tootles!


Happy Gilmores said...

Of course I miss you- silly girl! You are my most favorite daughter! And that's the honest truth. Saw your picture, I'm sorry I didn't send you to the dentist more often. Have fun in Livingston this weekend. Wish I was there this weekend instead of fighting Hurricane Rita here in Texas. Yee Haw !
Love- Dad